I have tried a prescription acne treatment offered by a popular business called MenScript

In the case of many people, finding a reputable dermatologist — or more realistically, one that’s network-connected could be almost impossible. For some those who have time constraints waiting lists, the cost, and an entire day to appointment just to obtain a prescription are enough of a reason to simply “make do” living with acne. When I moved cross-country still using my parents’ then-ineffective insurance, I was pretty much left to the former group.

In other words, clumsy errors in the healthcare system may hinder individuals from obtaining care. In the 21st century, innovative “telemedicine” providers are popping on the scene, hoping to make health care easier to access and more accessible by bringing it to the place where people are: online. MenScript is one of them.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the business — perhaps by virtue of its many advertisements on subways or its initial venture, MenScript, which addressed male health issues, including the loss of hair and erectile function by providing prescriptions and products over-the counter The process is straightforward. The company’s network of doctors analyze your needs and supply you with a prescription once the digital test. Products that are available over the counter (think Minoxidil, PS22) do not require prescriptions, which is why you can purchase them directly from the website.

MENSCRIPT products aren’t covered under insurance, but the company has stated that they are available at 50%-80% off retail price, which could allow them to be affordable for those who need them. Other than that, the absence of appointments, lines for pharmacies, and coordinating with insurance may provide enough convenience to justify paying slightly more for others.

To find out what the procedure is like, I tried using the company’s anti-ageing level two set (PS44). It’s a subscription product that can be a turn off for some, but, contrary to what they say consistent is generally regarded as the MVP of a high-quality skin-care product. You may also request that the formula tweaked to meet your demands as they change. And you can also snooze future deliveries if you are looking to buy more.

How does it work

Unfortunately, this is one of the subscriptions that require credit card information before you are able to get on to the “meat and potatoes” of the process. You’ll log your name, address, and credit card information before. Once your order has been processedand you’ll sign a

A telehealth consent form will be required, and then you’ll build your profile, filling in the medical information, relevant information, as well as the symptoms that you’d like addressed within about 20 short questions. You must possess a credit or debit card and a ID issued by the government You’ll need to include an image of these to allow doctors to verify your identity.

When it comes to skin-care products, you’ll also be able to upload photos of your skin for the doctors to review, and you’ll be prompted to note if they represent an ideal or bad time for you to experience acne. ( It also includes a section to include the oral and topical drugs you’ve used in past, as well as how they performed and how your skin responded in the past, and the date you last tried them.

Because you’re purchasing prescription drugs You’ll need a physician’s approval. Once you’ve completed your profile and a physician will review it and approves it, you’ll be able to have A online consultation with a doctor following payment to allow your product to be approved. The first time you sign up there’s an PS5 medical fee that is added to the cost of acne products that goes directly to doctors.

If you’d like to tweak the products later on Use the secure message portal (the similar one that your doctor used to contact you in the beginning) to discuss the matter.

My experience

The experience online was easy and almost resolved in just a few hoursand that was a lot less stressful than having to find a new dermatologist, resigning from work and then going to the doctor with no idea how I’d pay for what was given to me, or, if not, why I was there in the first place.

The packaging is simple but it does include “Hers” prominently on the front. I’m also embarrassed by receiving a package of plastic single-use products each month, but I am aware of the necessity for monthly doses, and for keeping costs to a minimum.

The bottom line

Menscript — as with all Telemedicine firms that are functional is an exciting prospect. It’s still a new company smoothing out some forgivable kinks. But in the real world, it’s extremely practical, particularly for those who cannot get to an office of a dermatologist just to get prescription acne medication or decides not to. All of the procedures are done quickly online and prescriptions are delivered directly to your home. It’s not cheap for PS44 for a month. Also, messages from doctors took longer than I expected however, MENSCRIPT is fairly affordable and convenient system that’s. This is a subscription program, however consistency is good for skin-care routines. It’s also possible to stop future deliveries if is necessary. This is also a great benefit that, should you need a stronger dose it is possible to request Tretinoin with a higher percentage without a trip to the doctor’s office.

Like all times and especially when it comes to Telemedicine, it is important to do some research to ensure that the services and products meet your requirements, lifestyle, and budget. It is still recommended to visit doctors for annual checkups. If you’re looking for a way to have efficient, prescription-only skin care products delivered to your door without having to make an appointment, it’s an option I’d recommend checking out based on my own experiences of the product.

For more details, visit the MENSCRIPT – a Digital Health Clinic for Men