What Do You Think of the Idea of Going on a Virtual Bike Ride?

Just a few short months ago, this website discussed the concept of riding throughout the autumn season. More specifically, it pointed out some suggestions for clothing that might keep you comfortable while cycling in weather that is cool or damp. In general, it is a good idea for any keen biker to be prepared for the changing seasons, so that there is no need to quit cycling simply because the weather turns. This is because cycling can be hazardous to your health if you do not take the proper precautions. Having the correct gear and developing good habits can be the ideal option, in particular if you use a bicycle as your primary mode of transportation throughout the city. However, there may soon be more solutions available for exercising, which has the potential to broaden the scope of the world of riding (in a quite literal sense).

It’s possible that you’ve already figured out what I’m talking about, but if not, I’ll give you a hint: I’m talking about virtual reality, the newest big thing in technology, which has been evolving rather rapidly during 2017. The vast majority of us associate virtual reality (VR) solely with the realm of video games; Retro Games, nevertheless, there have always been a few offbeat applications that hint to its promise in the realm of physical activity. If you have a good understanding of some of these, it might help you have a better sense of where things are headed.

Surprisingly, the world of online gaming was one of the first businesses to adopt virtual reality (VR) in its stride, and this was far before VR devices were even made available to consumers. The first thing that happened was that slot machines started to incorporate 3D graphics. This meant that what were formerly simple symbols and backdrops became richer and more engaging settings. After that, other games started including video feeds to live dealers, which truly allowed players to interact with real-world settings. In light of all of this, it is safe to claim that activities that were once limited to arcades have evolved into streams for more complex locations, either animated or real. And bear in mind that this was much before the advent of VR.

People have begun to utilize virtual reality technology to explore the real world, which is an additional facet of VR that is important to comprehend but has nothing to do with video games. People who have virtual reality headsets and “Google Earth VR” can explore almost any location in the world from a first-person perspective. Recently, the program added immersive Street View navigation, which gives users the impression that they are actually walking around in different cities, beautiful landscapes, and other locations around the world. Those who are interested in travel or geography will find this to be a very useful tool.

Now think about how each of these experiences could be achieved by cycling through a virtual reality setting.

On the arcade side of things, we have long seen road-oriented games that use pretty basic and unrealistic graphics (though they typically deal with motor sports). I even gave one of these games a try at SPIN a couple of years ago, and I had to quit playing within a couple of minutes because I was overcome with motion sickness, and I was not in the least bit enthusiastic about the prospect of adorning a stationary bike with my internal organs.

Such games can now feature more realistic backgrounds or possibly even live feeds to real places, and they can function exceptionally well on a personal computer (PC). Then, when you consider programs like Google Earth VR, you can begin to see how this most fundamental virtual reality concept may be spread across the world. For example, a single bicycle software might project a route or road almost anywhere on the planet.

This is exactly what has already started to take place. With the slogan “Cycling the world in VR,” the CycleVR app is currently in the driver’s seat, but it’s likely only the first of many applications to come in this space. Soon, in-home riding machines will be connected regularly with huge screens and/or headsets that make use of this technology. Additionally, other apps will probably generate original animated environments for cycling journeys as well. Because of programs such as these, it’s possible that in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to take our cycling efforts pretty much wherever we want to go, at least virtually.

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